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Couch Wisdom

Sep 10, 2018

Mike Grinser has made a name for himself in Berlin’s electronic world and beyond as one of half of mastering studio Manmade Mastering, alongside his partner Tim Xavier. In addition, Grinser also works at another renowned Berlin studio, Dubplates & Mastering. Born and raised in Bavaria, Grinser was a rock fan at first before being turned onto electronic music in clubs via early Chicago records from the likes of Phuture. Intrigued, he sought to understand how this new music was created, eventually learning to DJ before moving to production. Sitting in mastering sessions for his own records, he acquired a deep interest in the technical side of electronic music, launching him on a new path. Since then his ears have helped put the finishing touch to music on labels like Ostgut Ton, Plus 8 and Bpitch Control. In this episode of Couch Wisdom recorded as part of the Lisboa Electronica festival, Grinser retraced his steps to the mastering studio and shared details on what exactly goes into getting the best sound out.